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Things (some) English people eat

Pork snacks with free beer. What’s not to like?


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Brits do love their snacks…

And here is a blog that assiduously tracks the new, the old, the weird, and the exotic, and where to find them. But unlike Cyber Candy in London, which I wrote about here, the focus of this blog is, really, on crisps. Which I can never stay away from, even if they do get stuck between my teeth and cause more dental damage than sweets.

Speaking of crisps, Walker’s 2010 Crisps Flavour Cup is on; they’re promoting a bunch of experimental flavors, none of which reach the weirdness of last year’s Cajun Squirrel flavor. (OK, maybe Australian BBQ Kangaroo, but after last year with the squirrel crisps it should be clear that there isn’t literally any kangaroo in there…) I won’t be systematic about it, but I will try some of the less meaty-sounding flavors, or at least those that are more or less vegetarian, and will try to post some pics and reactions. Lovely, snarky Charlie Brooker called my attention to this event in today’s Guardian.


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