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This week’s veg box, at the very end of summer

Here’s what I got with this week’s veg box scheme. Every week I get portions of potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, and onions, plus a handful of other vegetables, though I can swap some of those if need be. So this week I swapped out potatoes and carrots – because I have accumulations of both I need to use up – and the sum total is three tomatoes, two leeks, yellow onions, fennel, a bag of ‘spring greens’ (? They look rather like collards, less wrinkly than kale), an ear of corn (just one? really?), two large portobello shrooms instead of one, and a zucchini/courgette. To the left (just out of sight, sorry) are a couple of pounds of plums I got from a vendor in the market square. And there’s half a large cabbage in the fridge, along with the remains of borscht from last week’s beetroot.

I shall apply my veggie kabbala meditation to this collection and see what I come up with. I think I could easily use a number of these items in one swoop. We’re having company for dinner on Monday – a Belgian gentleman with, I think, sophisticated taste – so there may be some kind of veggie and fish chowder in the offing. Andrew loves mushrooms so I may even delegate to him the mushrooms on toast recipe in today’s Guardian feature of student recipes by celebrity chefs (one of the few among the bunch that doesn’t have bacon in it!). And the plums? Well, still haven’t figured out what to do with those, because there are too many choices, frankly. But they’re going in the fridge pronto, as they’re starting to ooze juice (yum).


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The dirty carrot, or what to do with your vegetable box

This 8-minute video from the Guardian looks at the dilemma faced by an organic vegetable box distributor (what we’d call community-supported agriculture in the US) after a tough winter. Although he does end up contracting for vegetables grown in France, the distance is less than from other parts of the UK, and the carbon footprint is driven most by local distribution – i.e., in their small vans, to individual subscribers. Another problem is that many consumers don’t know how to cook winter vegetables, so it’s important to include lots of recipes.

So, what do you like to make with vegetables like carrots, cabbage, beets, and kale?

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