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Pudding haiku

Inspired by Rabbie Burns Night…

Squidgy chocolate log –
Is it less a pudding than
Rabbie Burns’ haggis?

Et tu Guardian?
Journalist gets paid to eat
sticky toffee puds.

Marks offers cheap thrills:
Just a quid for two cups of
melty choccie sponge.

Icing curtain cloaks
inner jammy creamy crumb
of your birthday suit.

Please post yours, too!


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The great chieftain o’ the puddin’ race

Haggis, coming soon to an American supermarket near you, thanks to loosening of an American ban. Happy Burns Night!

No, I have never tried haggis either, but it sounds like it could become the new bacon. I have, though, been working on my understanding and pronunciation of Scottish dialect, now that I’ve mostly learned to distinguish milder forms from the Northern Irish accent. And I expect we’ll be finding ourselves on a north-bound train one of these days to visit Andrew’s brother and sister-in-law.

Obviously I was premature in posting this, because the Guardian is hosting a pudding-poetry contest today, in honor of the holiday – right up my alley! Stay tuned…

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