Who is Emily?

It’s hard to put  a label on me, so let’s just say that I like to eat, to cook, and to read, think, and talk about food. A lot. I’ve been known to plan travel based on what I can eat. Now, England isn’t necessarily the first place one thinks of as a food destination, but I’m here now, and determined to find the good stuff, whether in small shops or supermarkets, in London or Aberystwyth, in restaurants or my own kitchen. I’m grateful to have my trusty partner, Andrew, by my side to encourage my obsession, to be happy with what I cook no matter how plain, and to do the washing up. (I’d feel guiltier about that if I weren’t so bad at it.)


2 responses to “Who is Emily?

  1. Rosie

    Found you through a search for a recipe for “brandy broth” after reading “How Green Was My Valley” (for the second time). One of my favorite passages! If you ever find more detailed directions for how to make it, please let me know!!! My search continues!

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