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Gratuitous dessert photos: Espresso chocolate cake with raspberry mousse

Here’s a Valentine’s Day cake I made for Andrew… and immediately realized that it would be less dangerous if we shared it amongst a number of people. Fortuitously, his aunt and uncle were in town this weekend, so six of us made a good sized dent in it (and in this next pic you can see the raspberry mousse filling):

Thanks to CafĂ© Coco Creations’ blog for the basic recipe and idea; the icing is from Julia Child’s reine de saba, which is a DeVoto family classic. Andrew’s mom added fresh raspberries in the shape of a heart.


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Emotional eating

I’m particularly bummed about the loss of Ted Kennedy’s Massachusetts senate seat to a Republican, which will almost certainly mean the death of health care reform legislation in the US. A vision of Delia’s squidgy chocolate roll passed before my eyes in a TV trailer the other night, and it’s what I’m tempted to make to soothe my wounds. But I probably won’t (not a model of healthfulness, and something tells me she has the wrong politics).

So what would you make to feel better, to encourage healthy eating worldwide, and to move on?

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