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A sunny day in Canterbury

You know, I don’t feel much like writing today, so here are a few pics from today’s outing; feel free to ask questions, though! What I don’t have is a pic of the high-speed train that got us from St. Pancras to Canterbury, a journey of about 70 miles, in 57 minutes, so here’s a link. It’s as fast (up to 140 mph) as the Eurostar trains that go under the English Channel to Paris and Brussels, but it’s a commuter train.

Canterbury cathedral from the outside...

and one view from the inside... There were many stained-glass windows, of different ages, probably many restored.

An example of the extent of the cathedral; we loved how every time we looked through an arch, you could see more arches.

A ruined section of the cathedral, also beautiful...

OK, on to food. This is from an Italian place called Posillipo Pizzeria that had looked promising. The salad was probably more colorful than tasty (winter tomatoes, plain beans from a can), but it was nice to have a big pile of green stuff.

Andrew liked this fresh pasta with sausage and broccoli.

and the big finale: tea! from The Moat Tea Rooms. The scones were fresh from the oven, and the house blend of loose tea we had was a revelation. It was Assam plus Ceylon, and oddly it reminded me of Chinese tea, making it almost seem a shame to add milk and sugar.



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