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Pudding haiku

Inspired by Rabbie Burns Night…

Squidgy chocolate log –
Is it less a pudding than
Rabbie Burns’ haggis?

Et tu Guardian?
Journalist gets paid to eat
sticky toffee puds.

Marks offers cheap thrills:
Just a quid for two cups of
melty choccie sponge.

Icing curtain cloaks
inner jammy creamy crumb
of your birthday suit.

Please post yours, too!


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Turnips vs. swedes vs. neeps – confused yet?

It seems that, even beyond haggis, there’s still more to learn about Scottish food. So, tatties are potatoes, turnips are turnips, and then there are neeps, which if I understand this Guardian WoM blog correctly, are swedes, or in American parlance rutabagas, a cross between cabbage (kale?) and turnips. It’s a little more clear in the Guardian’s winter veg guide here.

I don’t think I’ve eaten either turnips or swedes since I’ve been here. I always assumed that turnips and rutabagas were the same save for the yellow color of the latter, but given the strong preferences expressed by Guardian commenters, I might be wrong.

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Scary Scottish junk food

At the risk of disrespecting my Scottish forebears, I bring you Glasgow’s Scooby Snack, via Serious Eats/A Hamburger today. Before peeking, see if you can guess what’s in it.

Clarification: I did not eat this, nor would I!


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British food elsewhere – Portland, OR, edition

If my sister reads this interview with a Scottish chippy-truck owner in Portland, can she please stop by and give the guy some business to make sure doesn’t leave before we get there this spring?

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