Easy pasta that seems inspired, but isn’t

Confession: I’m writing this post to practice using the WordPress app on my phone, which also explains why the photo is lousy, but it tastes better than it looks here, and it looks better in real life as well. Anyway, the recipe has been evolving over a number of years, and it seemed like a good time to share it. It’s not gourmet cooking, but a tasty dish that can be put together easily and without incident.

Tagliatelle with smoked salmon and mustard-dill sauce

Serves 2

200 g tagliatelle (I like the green and white kind)
100 g peas

Butter for sautéeing
1 shallot, minced
Good handful of cherry tomatoes
1.5 Tablespoons fresh dill, chopped
2 tsp Pommery or similar mild, French, whole-grained mustard
100 g smoked salmon, roughly chopped
100 ml single cream (US: half and half)
Fresh-ground black pepper to taste

  • Prep ingredients for sauce.
  • Boil pasta in salted water. (Tip: Start boiling the water for the pasta while you prep the ingredients for the sauce. Don’t begin cooking the sauce until you’ve put the pasta in the boiling water.) In the last few minutes, toss peas in with pasta.
  • To cook sauce: in small frying pan, sauté shallots in butter. Add cherry tomatoes, dill, and smoked salmon, and sauté over low heat until salmon is cooked through.
  • At the last moment, add cream to salmon mix and stir to combine.
  • Drain pasta, return to pasta-cooking pan, add sauce, and toss. Serve with a grinding of black pepper.

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One response to “Easy pasta that seems inspired, but isn’t

  1. Oliver

    Highly dependent on fine fresh ingredients, I suppose–a “primavera class” of recipe, I guess one could say, supposing either that some dishes aren’t or that respecting them we don’t mind the consequences.

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