Jamie cried

on his new show because first graders didn’t know the difference between a tomato and a potato. (I can understand that, actually.) Jamie Oliver, that is, now bringing his food revolution to the US where, I’m sure, his victims will be just as defensive – if not more – than those here, like the mom I heard about who snuck her kid a chip buttie (i.e., a French fry sandwich) because she worried he wasn’t getting enough to eat in Jamie’s school program.

I’m curious; has anyone seen this show? Is it as bad as at least one of the commenters suggested?



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3 responses to “Jamie cried

  1. I love Jamie Oliver! More veggies and healthy food at school! How will that hurt anyone? I watched his show to change cafeteria food in England and loved it! I still have to watch the show here but I’m definitely signing up for next episode!

    • Debra Tropp

      Having been indirectly involved in the US farm to school movement for about a decade, I can tell you that a lot of people I know are pretty PO’d about Jamie Oliver’s self-promotion, which completely ignores the tremendous strides of non-profits, community based organizations, and, yes, even government entities in bringing about significant change in school procurement policies in the past few years. Just sayin’.

      • Yes, it seems that his advance people didn’t really do their homework, to put it kindly! His being British doesn’t help. I confess that the question I posed was a leading one; he has always rubbed me the wrong way, probably because he is so self-promotional (and now of course he’s making lots of money promoting Sainsbury’s, a not-very-friendly supermarket chain that unfortunately were the only local store to be selling matzo and a few other Pesach things).

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