Hot uncrossed buns

They’re ecumenical. They use up flour before Passover (well, in theory; I was almost out so I had to buy more). They’re not too sweet. And they’re so good that Andrew and I had to leave the room so we wouldn’t eat them all.

I used this recipe from the Guardian, and instead of generic “peel” (which turns out to be candied orange and lemon peel), I used chopped apricots – which come tossed in rice flour to prevent sticking – and crystallized ginger. For the beer, I used a bottle of Guinness instead of the recommended tin of Mackeson, because canned beer is not allowed in my house and I would’ve had to buy a four-pack. As for the crosses, well, they were too fiddly anyway. Practically speaking, the strong (bread) flour led to a very stiff dough that, nonetheless, is not that hard to work with. I thought I’d messed up the recipe entirely when I realized I’d forgotten to mix in the macerated fruit, so I squished in as much as I could – about half – along with some extra flour after the second kneading. You can see how they look; I’d say that, mistakes notwithstanding, the buns were a success.


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  1. mmm…those look really good. Baking is the best. If I could I would just live in a bakery. I stumbled across your blog while tag surfing. I love all things food so this blog is heaven for me!

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