NPR story on Indian-Chinese food

Sichuan chili potatoes

No, this story is not about food in England, but I think it likely could be. Readers will soon find out that I get pretty excited about South Asian food of any kind, and I’m as likely to write about the subtle differences among the takeaway menus that come through the mail slot as I am about making samosas or the Guardian’s list of top 10 Indian restaurants. I hope it’s all as interesting to others as it is to me.

With regard to Indian-Chinese, I’m confident it exists here; I saw hints of it on a South Indian vegetarian takeaway menu I haven’t tried yet, and there’s a buffet place on the high street in Harrow that serves pretty much anything that fits in a steam-table tray. Signs on the window advertise (if memory serves) Indian, Italian, English, Chinese, Vegetarian, Fish and Chips, and Greek. I’ll try to get a photo of it, and it’s probably worth its own post if I can work up the courage to actually eat there and give it a fair trial.

And until I find the definitive Indian-Chinese restaurant, there are some recipes in the NPR piece that sound simple enough.



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3 responses to “NPR story on Indian-Chinese food

  1. oliver

    If I were looking for “Indian-Chinese,” I’d set my coordinates for Singapore.

  2. Right, but I know you can get it in northern New Jersey, so why not London, which probably has the world’s biggest Indian expat community?

  3. Thanks for simple recipe on how to make Samosas. I will attempt to make them during holidays. I am just worried about the mess the sugar dough will create.

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